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Hurb ParceirosHurb Parceiros

Our Mission with Hurb Team is to Create an always-on learning environment while being a caregiver mentally and physically to free people from concern and enjoy a long journey together.

We believe honesty and transparency are the first chapters in the book of wisdom. So, we are crystal clear about everything related to the company, starting with the compensation.

Wait! Before proceeding, it is important that you know...


The salary variation is based on the minimum and maximum salary, without changing the position.

Total salary

The total annualized value of each remuneration includes the thirteenth salary.


The salaries in the table include the benefits offered by the company, such as Transport Vouchers and Food Vouchers.


There are some people who receive bonuses and others who are Hurb shareholders. We did not include them in the charts because these are initiatives that take place on individual merits.

Annual salary: what was agreed upon between the company and the employee

Benefits: Those that the company provides to all employees. They are considered indirect salaries, as they are part of the total compensation

Additional Benefits: Those that the company provides for specific teams and layers of leadership, respecting their particularities


  • Breakfast and Afternoon Snack (at the office)
  • Food Vouchers
  • Transportation Allowance or Fuel Voucher
  • Hurb Bus and Hurb Minibus


  • Drugstore Assistance
  • Health Club Assistance Smart Fit and BodyTech
  • Educational Program (Discount on Universities)
  • Dell - IT and Technology Items

Additional benefits are Fuel Vouchers and Language Assistance (for heads and directors) and Housing Assistance (for employees in specific areas).

Hurb Parceiros

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